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Broncos Vs. Raiders: Brady Quinn To Be Activated, Might Play

Tim Tebow's margin for error as the Broncos' starting quarterback is slim, and maybe even slimmer than we thought. This morning, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that Denver QB Brady Quinn will be added to the active roster for the first time in three games, and could possibly see the field if Tebow plays poorly.

Although Schefter says that Tebow being benched wouldn't signal the end of his time in Denver long term, he did report that the Broncos coaching staff is frustrated with Tebow's inability to extend drives through the air on third down. In Denver's Week 8 loss to the Detroit Lions, the team went 2-14 on third downs and 0-2 on fourth downs, a success rate that clearly needs to improve in order for the Broncos to win more games. Quinn, who was infamously acquired by the Broncos in 2010 in exchange for RB Peyton Hillis, has yet to throw a pass in a Broncos uniform.

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