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Fantasy Football Week 9 Advice: If You Don't Trust Tim Tebow, You Can't Trust Anyone

If you can't trust Tim Tebow this weekend, then you can't trust the Broncos offense. It's just about as simple as that for any Denver Broncos fantasy options on offense for this week's game against the Oakland Raiders. QB Tim Tebow hasn't been great at home so far this season, so it's difficult to expect a great performance in what will surely be a raucous environment at the Black Hole in Oakland.

The most likely fantasy scenario would be that Tebow picks up decent points with his scrambling and planned runs, but struggles to get anyone else like Willis McGahee or Demaryius Thomas involved in the passing game unless (until?) they are throwing against a prevent defense in garbage time. 

Meanwhile, the Broncos defense could be a nice sleeper play. RB Darren McFadden has been ruled out for the game, and Carson Palmer is making his first start on a new team. The experts at NumberFire expect Palmer to struggle, as he is projected to throw for only 112 yards in what is expected to be a conservative game plan. If you don't mind taking a little bit of risk in hoping that Palmer throws a couple INTs and stalls the wounded Raiders offense, you might want to give the Broncos defense a shot.

 Below are numberFire's projections for the Broncos this weekend:

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