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Shannon Sharpe Is No Fan Of Tim Tebow

Former Denver Broncos tight end and recent Hall of Fame Inductee Shannon Sharpe is always known for the colorful things that come out of his mouth. He recently went on 102.3 "The Ticket" and got into a wide-ranging conversation on Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post has plenty of good quotes from the interview. One of the better quotes to come from it is:

"But I think in today's game, it's hard for you to play quarterback in the National Football League if you can't throw the ball accurately, and if you can't throw it consistently accurate."

And we've seen Tebow struggle to do both since he was elevated to Broncos starter for the last two games. Sharpe then went on to say that he thinks John Elway and the Broncos need to eventually move on from Tebow, a failed "$10 million project." If Tebow doesn't turn things around soon, and that is far from likely, there's no reason to keep playing a sunk cost.

As team president Joe Ellis said about finding the right coach, the same also applies for the right quarterback. If the team needs to go through five quarterbacks and pay all of them to find the correct one, tough for the team, but it's the only way to do things.