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Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: RealClearSports' Power Rankings Average Puts Denver Broncos At No. 15

The Denver Broncos stand at 6-5 and are in second place in the AFC West. They are a completely different team than the one that went 1-4 with Kyle Orton at the helm. Since then Tim Tebow and a strong defense, led by rookie linebacker Von Miller, have turned things around. And if NFL power rankings are of interest, the team sits at No. 15, according to RealClearSports' Week 13 rankings. Technically their average came out to 14.88, but the New York Jets came in at 14.38 to take the 14th spot.

However, the gap between the Jets at No. 14 and the Cincinnati Bengals at No. 13 is nearly two full points. The Bengals currently occupy the second wild card spot, but a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday could move the Broncos into that position, as all the tie breakers fall into their laps.

The Oakland Raiders came in at No. 11 this week while the San Diego Chargers come in at No. 21 and the Kansas City Chiefs drop to No. 24.

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