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Willis McGahee Injury Update: Denver Broncos RB Needs Complete Use Of Broken Hand To Play

After having a limited practice on Wednesday, Denver Broncos running back Willis McGahee will need to be able to use his broken hand at full capacity if he hopes to play Sunday against the Oakland Raiders. As head coach John Fox told the media on Wednesday (via the Denver Post):

"He'll definitely have to be able to use that [broken] hand to carry the football and run with the football," Fox said. "It would not be a consideration, playing one-handed. He's got a plate and screws in there."

Reports right after the surgery indicated that McGahee could miss anywhere from a couple of games to more than a month. At the moment, it appears that McGahee will miss at least his second game. However, his path to recovery might just take these two games.

The Broncos will definitely need McGahee back soon, as the team plays the Kansas City Chiefs, the New York Jets and the San Diego Chargers over the rest of November.

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