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Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: Denver Broncos Move Up To No. 15

Now that the Denver Broncos are 5-1 with Tim Tebow at quarterback, it is hard for experts to avoid taking a closer look at the team. Tebow has normally been at his best in the final minutes of the game, but the reason the Broncos are within striking distance has been the strong play of the defense, led by rookie LB Von Miller and his 10.5 sacks. Experts are finally starting to acknowledge the Broncos are playing solid and sustainable football.

SB Nation's Joel Thorman has released his Week 13 NFL Power Rankings, and the Broncos have managed to move up one spot to No. 15. Thorman is taking notice of the defense in particular:

The Broncos are now 5-1 under Tim Tebow. Every week, we ask how long they can keep this up but that question doesn't really matter as long as the defense keeps playing as well as they are.  

Here are the top and bottom five teams in the NFL, according to SB Nation's rankings:    

Top Five Teams

1. Green Bay Packers (11-0, LW: 1)

2. New Orleans Saints (8-3, LW: 4)

3. Baltimore Ravens (8-3, LW: 3)

4. San Francisco 49ers (9-2, LW: 2)   

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3, LW: 6)    

Bottom Five Teams

28. Arizona Cardinals (4-7, LW: 28)

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-8, LW: 26) 

30. Minnesota Vikings (2-9, LW: 31)

 31. St. Louis Rams (2-9, LW: 30)

32. Indianapolis Colts (0-11, LW: 32)    

Will the experts from around the web see it the same way? SB Nation Denver will have updates on the Power Rankings from around the web as they are released throughout the day. For more on the Broncos, visit Mile High Report. Head over to SB Nation NFL for more news and notes on Week 13.