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NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: CBS Sports Moves Denver Broncos To No. 15

Are the Denver Broncos getting "Tebow-ed"? That's what CBS Sports' Pete Prisco writes in his latest NFL power rankings. He's right, sort of. Tim Tebow has overshadowed the outstanding play of the defense, a unit led by rookie linebacker Von Miller and his 10.5 sacks. As such, Prisco has moved the Broncos from No. 19 to No. 15 this week. However, the write up for the Broncos then goes back to the Tebow meme:

How long can the Tebow magic continue? It sure has to be fun for Broncos fans as long as it does.

Obviously, the answer is: as long as the defense is able to not let the score get out of hand,

The Broncos could easily climb over the New York Giants, the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears in the next few weeks, as those three teams are stumbling after poor play and injury. Those are the next three teams ahead of the Broncos this week before the Cincinnati Bengals come in at No. 11. The Broncos are chasing the Bengals, who play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, for a playoff spot.

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