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2012 NFL Playoff Picture: Denver Broncos Still Next Team Into Postseason

The Denver Broncos' 16-13 overtime victory over the San Diego Chargers kept alive the team's hopes of a playoff spot. Now they just need to have things for their competitors to fall in their favor. The Broncos top choice would be to see the Oakland Raiders falter over the next couple of games while the Broncos continue their winning ways. If the Broncos beat the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday and the Raiders lose to the Miami Dolphins (hey, it could happen), the teams will be tied at 7-5. But with four games left, a tie at this point doesn't solve much for the Broncos.

The AFC North occupies half of the playoff spots right now. Outside of the Ravens leading the division, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals have both Wild Card sports right now. The two teams face each other this week, and a Steelers victory would help the Broncos move closer into the sixth and final Wild Card spot.

Here is the current seeding for the AFC:

1. Houston Texans, 8-3
2. New England Patriots, 8-3
3. Baltimore Ravens, 8-3
4. Oakland Raiders, 7-4
5. Pittsburgh Steelers, 8-3
6. Cincinnati Bengals, 7-4

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