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Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: Denver Broncos Could Move Into Top 15

The Denver Broncos will look to continue their upward climb in the NFL power rankings now that they are an above-.500 team.

The Denver Broncos have continued to move up in the power rankings since Tim Tebow took over as the starting quarterback, but that rise has been powered in large part by a superb defense. And last week the Broncos were sitting outside of the top 15 in NFL power rankings. The Broncos, on average, were the No. 16 team last week. Could they move up this week?

The New York Giants are now 6-5, just like the Broncos, after losing to the New Orleans Saints, 49-24. That has the team on a three-game losing streak, which could send the Giants below the Broncos this week. Other 6-5 teams include the Tennessee Titans, whom the Broncos were ahead of in several rankings last week, and the Buffalo Bills, a team on a four-game losing streak and steadily falling down the rankings. The New York Jets did defeat the Bills on Sunday to move to 6-5, which should keep them in a tight race with the Broncos for a top-15 spot.

If the Giants drop by several spots, the Broncos stand to gain in the power rankings this week.

The Oakland Raiders, now 7-4, are the only AFC West team that will be ranked ahead of the Broncos. The San Diego Chargers will stay mired in the mid-20s and the Kansas City Chiefs circling the abyss they thought they had escaped earlier in the season.

Projected ranking: 14 or 15.

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