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Minnesota Vikings Have 3,000 Tickets Left To Sell, Need To Go On Tim Tebow Marketing Campaign

The Denver Broncos travel this weekend to face the lowly Minnesota Vikings, but locals might not be able to watch in television if the team can't sell the 3,000 tickets remaining, according to the Greenfield Reporter. If that doesn't happen the game will be blacked out locally and the team would end a sellout streak of 141 games, which dates back to 1998.


But as the Reporter points out, the Broncos have quarterback Tim Tebow, whose fans are legion, and wide receiver Eric Decker, who played college football for the Minnesota Gophers. Time to start marketing toward fans the Tebow Time experience, which, as we saw on previous Sundays, often involves Eric Decker coming up with the game-winning touchdown or the drive-saving catch.


Yeah, the Vikings don't have much going for them this season and marketing the opponent, especially the mighty Tebow, would certainly be one way to continue the team's sellout streak.