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VIDEO: Nick Novak Pees On Sidelines During Broncos Vs. Chargers Game

I would think that all of us who are reading this post right now are mature enough that we don't laugh much at pee jokes any longer, but in case you didn't see this during Sunday's Denver Broncos game, San Diego Chargers kicker Nick Novak relieved himself on the sidelines and a camera decided to focus on this.

via MisterMasterlock

All right, so one of the trainers has a towel there to obscure what is going on, but why did the camera pick up on this. Take a look around Twitter by searching for "Peebowing," That's what this is being called right now. It sure could be confused for him Tebowing.

Novak missed on two of his four field goal attempts, including a 53-yard attempt in overtime.

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