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VIDEO: Tim Tebow, Eric Decker Connect On Pivotal Reception Against San Diego Chargers

Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker hasn't been able to catch many passes from Tim Tebow this season, but then most of Decker's fellow receivers have had that same problem. Still, Decker has made the most of what he does get from Tebow, be it a 56-yard game-winning touchdown catch or an 18-yard touchdown reception (the only touchdown the Broncos had in Sunday's victory).

Or there was this one late in the fourth quarter against the Chargers.

On 3rd-and-11, the Chargers were forcing Tebow to stay in the pocket and throw, not the quarterback's usual routine. But here it worked for Tebow. He stayed in there long enough to throw a deep bomb to Decker. On the catch, Decker landed on the ball as he fell to the ground, knocking the wind out of him.

San Diego challenged the catch, but the referee upheld his ruling on the field of a completed pass. Tebow went on to throw a 23-yard pass to Dante Rosario, setting up the game-tying field goal for Matt Prater. The rest just wrote itself after that.

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