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Broncos Vs. Chargers Score: Matt Prater Ties Game At 13 With Key Plays By Tim Tebow, Erick Decker

Tim Tebow just has that late-game magic in him. This time he led the Denver Broncos to a score inside the final two minutes of the game, tying the game at 13.

It actually started with about 5:30 left on the clock and got that far with a big 39-yard catch by Eric Decker to put the ball into San Diego Chargers territory. Two plays later, tight end Dante Rosario came up with a key 23-yard reception to bring the ball to the 12-yard line. The drive ultimately stalled, but Matt Prater was able to kick the 24-yard field goal to tie the game.

Ninety seconds or so remain in the game. Will the Chargers be able to win this or will the game head to overtime?

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