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Tim Tebow Fantasy Projection: Latest Numbers Make Denver Broncos QB Decent Start

The latest projection for Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow are in and numberFire has upped his fantasy points to 14.59. He was around 12 points earlier in the week. But Tebow is always going to be hard to projects. NumberFire projects Tebow to complete 11 passes on 23 attempts for 134 yards. In all possibility that could happen (he completed nine of 20 passes against the New York Jets), but that largely depends on the state of the running game.

If Willis McGahee is back at full strength, Tebow may not have the need to throw the ball 20 times. And Tebow has his legs to significantly throw off numbers. He is projected for 46 yards this week. That seems a decent amount to be reached, but also one that could be hard to reach if John Fox attempts to play oddball with the running game like he did against the Jets.

This will be his second career start against the Chargers and his first in San Diego. In 2010, Tebow's third and final start of the season saw him complete 16-of-36 passes for 205 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. He had 13 carries for 94 yards. In the second half of this season's game, Tebow was just 4-of-10 for 79 yards and had 38 yards on the ground. Time to see what he can do on the road.

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