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Von Miller Giving 'Relentless Effort, Fanatical Effort'

Rookie linebacker Von Miller has worked out pretty well for the Denver Broncos through the first 10 games of his career. He already has 9.5 sacks and is pursuing Jevon Kearse's rookie record of 14.5, which is certainly attainable and able to be broken.

Recently Sports Illustrated's Peter King spoke with Miller about his style of play:

"I'm going to attack and give relentless effort, fanatical effort,'' he said. "That's my formula, and I'm sticking to it. I try to get off the ball as fast as possible and react to whatever the offense is trying to do to me. I don't really have any premeditated moves."

King then ponders whether that style of play will be able to carry over for an entire career, citing Kevin Greene and John Randle as two guys who were able to do that. Greene is third all-time in career sacks with 160 and Randle is tied for sixth with Hall of Famer Richard Dent at 137.5.

Miller's a long way off from having that type of career, but it's certainly not hard to imagine him becoming a Hall of Fame-level player. But just like Broncos fans, I'm sure Miller wants to win more than anything else. Sacking his opponents is just way of doing that.