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Broncos Vs. Chargers: Denver Enters Matchup With Better Playoff Odds Than San Diego

As things stand right now, the Denver Broncos are in a better position for a playoff spot since they are 5-5, good for second in the AFC West and next in line to get a Wild Card spot should a team above them falter. Meanwhile, the Broncos' opponent on Sunday, the San Diego Chargers, are 4-6 and tied for the worst record in the division with the Kansas City Chiefs.

ESPN Insider's Playoff Predictor places the Broncos' chances at making the playoffs at 24.95 percent, but they foresee just a 7-9 record. That is why they are behind the Tennessee Titans and the New York Jets, who are the last two teams out of the AFC playoffs and predicted to finish 8-8. However, both have a lesser chance at the playoffs than the Broncos, according to the Predictor.

Here's what the Jets write up has:

We take the most heat from Jets fans, but facts are facts: You're not a playoff team with the No. 27 offense, and you're not a playoff team if you let Tebow drive on you like that.

And if Tebow keeps driving on teams like that, does it mean that the Broncos are a playoff team?

The Chargers could be the next team to be on the wrong end of a Tebow drive. The prediction from ESPN's model this week is for the Chargers to finish 7-9 with just a 15.7 percent chance of making the playoffs.

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