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Tim Tebow Put Denver Broncos On Sports Illustrated Cover

The Denver Broncos are one of the best story lines in the NFL right now. And as much of that is due to the strong play of the defense, quarterback Tim Tebow is certainly the story the media has fallen in love with. He's the guy barking out the signals and gets credited with being 4-1.

So, of course, the Broncos are going to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated's magazine this week, reports Patrick Smyth of team's public relations department.

The feature story is, obviously, on Tebow. Or rather, it's seven webpages of quotes and comments on how Tebow is doing in the league.

Oh, but the Broncos are now on the Sports Illustrated cover. Time for the bottom to fall out under Tebow and his magic for the Broncos, right? Nonsense or not, we'll fun out on Sunday.