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John Elway Receives Not Very Nice Things On Twitter

Many people went all atwitter on John Elway after a Tuesday radio show appearance included a comment from him that the Denver Broncos were no closer to deciding on the team's future quarterback than they were six weeks ago. Outrageous, right? Maybe Elway is just being realistic and wanting Tebow to know that he still has plenty to improve upon.

Pro Football Talk has collected a number of tweets that Nate Kreckman went through on Tuesday night that were directed toward Elway. They're kind of funny -- until one realizes that the comments might actually be serious.

Here's one of the "better" ones:

2. @johnelway i hope pat fires you and you can go back to arena football were you belong you piece of trash.

Harsh words, but wow. Tebowmania needs to find some perspective and calm down. There's a right way to be optimistic about Tebow, but that doesn't mean denigrating one of the city's legendary sports figures.