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2011 NFL Playoff Picture: Denver Broncos On The Outside For Wild Card Spot

After a 1-4 start, the Denver Broncos were left for dead in the playoff picture. Then Tim Tebow took over and the Broncos have clawed their way back to a 5-5 record, a hold on second place in the AFC West and just a step outside of a Wild Card spot.

Obviously plenty can change with six weeks left in the season, but right now the New England Patriots, the Baltimore Ravens, the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders hold division leads. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals hold the wild card spots, giving the AFC playoff picture a distinctly AFC North feel.

After Week 11's games, the Denver Broncos are the first team out of the playoffs. The Broncos are tied with the Tennessee Titans, the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills at 5-5. However, the Broncos win all of the tie breakers to be the next team in line for a playoff spot. 

Can Tim Tebow keep the Broncos rising?

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