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Jake Plummer Is A Tim Tebow Fan But Doesn't Exactly Like Him

Former Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer got a raw deal with the team at the end of his tenure with the team, being benched for jay Cutler when he hadn't done anything other than being Jake Plummer. But he's moved on from all that and now enjoys playing handball.

However, he recently went on XTRA Sports 910 in Phoenix with Bickley and MJ (transcript by Sports Radio Interviews) to talk about Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. While Plummer believes Tebow is a winner and wants to see him succeed, there's just something nagging at him about Tebow:

"Tebow, regardless of whether I wish he’d just shut up after a game and go hug his teammates, I think he’s a winner and I respect that about him. I think that when he accepts the fact that we know that he loves Jesus Christ then I think I’ll like him a little better. I don’t hate him because of that, I just would rather not have to hear that every single time he takes a good snap or makes a good handoff ... but he is a baller"

So, Jake, what's your take on people calling him "Football Jesus?" Probably not a fan, I guess. But, hey, the cult of personality surrounding Tebow continues -- whether one likes it or not.