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John Fox Is 'Tim Tebow's Biggest Fan'

Earlier in the week, Denver Broncos head coach John Fox made some comments to's Jeff Darlington, who was allowed to be with Fox while game tape of Tim Tebow was viewed. Among the things Fox said were that Tebow was not a passer but a runner and that the team would be "screwed" if Tebow were running a regular offense.

But one day after the Broncos beat the New York Jets, Fox is singing a different tune. As Fox told reporters at his day-after presser, all he was trying to tell Darlington was that Tebow's abilities need to be translated to different offense that the ones preferred in the league. Tebow needs to work within his own system rather than adapting to another one.

Fox also went on to tell the media that Tebow is improving as a passer, a debatable issue but not one without its merits, and that he is "Tim Tebow's biggest fan." There are probably several thousand others claiming that same position, though.

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