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Jets Vs. Broncos Update: Denver Fails On 4th Down, But Shows Aggressive Offense

Surprising most everyone, the Denver Broncos opened up the game with a Tim Tebow pass, which turned into a 28-yard reception by receiver Demaryius Thomas. Tebow took a three-step drop and fired it down the left sideline for the big gain. It was the first of three completions he made on the drive. It ended with Tebow stuffed on 4th-and-1 inside Jets territory.

The running game has been multi-headed with Willis McGahee, Lance Ball and Jeremiah Johnson all receiving playing time on the drive. McGahee, who has a hamstring injury, dragged a few Jets on a third-down run for a first down. Ball was used effectively, especially when taking the shovel pass from Tebow. Johnson caught one of Tebow's other completions.

Wide receiver Eric Decker even attempted a deep pass to Demaryius Thomas in the end zone, but it fell incomplete.

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