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2012 Super Bowl Odds: Denver Broncos In Better Shape After Victory Over KC Chiefs

With each passing game, the Denver Broncos return to respectability. Whether it's merely a mediocre win or a sloppy one, the Broncos are winning and staying in the race for the AFC West lead, a weak division this year. Currently, the Broncos saw their 2012 Super Bowl Odds move from 250/1 to 200/1, according to Bodog.

Sure, those aren't the greatest odds, but did you check out the Kansas City Chiefs? They have 250/1 odds, a severe drop from their 125/1 odds just a week ago. There is a larger disparity when it comes to odds at winning the AFC Conference. The Broncos check in at 80/1 while the Chiefs immediately follow with 150/1 odds. Uh, Tyler Palko's going to turn into a superhero, right?