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Tim Tebow Will Complete How Many Passes Against NY Jets?

If one is a betting person (I'm not), would one want to take a chance and guess how many completions Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow will have on Thursday night against the New York Jets? has put the over/under number for that at 11. As it turns out, Tebow has averaged 10.75 completions in his first four starts, possibly bottoming out at just two in last week's victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

The site also has placed a few other odds on Tebow:

Passing yard total: over/under 120 yards
Rushing yard total: over/under 55 yards
Throw 2 touchdowns? NO = 75% | YES = 25%
Throw at least one interception? YES = 60% | NO = 40%

If I had to guess, Tebow might have just under 120 yards, will go over 55 yards rushing, will throw two touchdowns (he had two when he threw just 10 completions) and will throw at least one interception.

The Broncos and Jets kick off at 6:20 p.m. MT.