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Week 11 NFL Picks And Predictions: Denver Broncos Sparsely Selected Over NY Jets By Experts

The Denver Broncos have been proving the experts wrong for the last two weeks. First the Oakland Raiders are going to beat them. But they didn't. Oh, but the Kansas City Chiefs surely will. And they couldn't. Now, on Thursday, many experts are expecting the New York Jets to defeat the Broncos. Will Tim Tebow and the Broncos prove the experts wrong once again?

Over at, four out of the five experts choose the Jets to defeat the Broncos on Thursday. Will Brinson is the only one to go against the trend there. But when the five of them pick against the spread, Dave Richard switches teams and joins Brinson in picking the Denver Broncos. For Brinson, that obviously means he thinks the Broncos are going to win, while Richard thinks it will be a close enough game that the Broncos will spoil the points spread.

We're nearly 24 hours away from the game. Will others pick the Broncos?

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