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John Fox on Tim Tebow: "Well, We Don't Have A Passer"

NFL coaches are notoriously secretive about the inner workings of their teams, so much so that nearly all of them cover their mouths when calling plays. Rarely does a reporter get the type of access that's Jeff Darlington received when he was able to watch Denver Broncos head coach John Fox break down film of his new, Tim Tebow led offense. Fox has embraced some of the option concepts that Tebow ran under Urban Meyer at the University of Florida, and he seems to have a good reason for that, according to Fox:

Well, we don't have a passer. We have a runner. Not to say he can't pass at all, but we're recognizing his strengths

Although that might sound like something that you would think a team wouldn't want to admit, Fox embracing Tebow's skill set has the Broncos in a dead heat for the AFC West title. And, of course, video never lies, anyway.

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