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Fantasy Football Projections, Week 11: Lance Ball Ready To Make An Impact

Denver Broncos running back Lance Ball is certainly a hot pickup for fantasy football owners this week, especially those who have Willis McGahee. A hamstring injury appears ready to keep McGahee out of Thursday's game against the New York Jets, making Ball the go-to ball carrier. He had 30 carries for 96 yards in Sunday's game once McGahee went down and Knowshon Moreno tore his ACL.

NumberFire is a bit conservative with Ball's early projection, but it's sure to go up if McGahee is ruled out on Wednesday. Right now, Ball is projected for 8.68 points. He's projected for 12 carries and 51 yards--respectable numbers. However, he will be in line for more than that if he is the starter on Thursday night. Tim Tebow can't make 30 carries himself and Jeremiah Johnson is too inexperienced to overtake Ball right now.

As for Tebow, his passing numbers have been downgraded accordingly. He is projected for roughly five completions on 14 attempts with 95 yards. But he does get 51 rushing yards in this projection.

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