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NFL Power Rankings Week 11: ESPN Jumps Denver Broncos To No. 19

The Denver Broncos made a four-spot jump up to No. 19 in ESPN's Week 11 NFL power rankings. That puts them three spots behind the No. 16 Oakland Raiders, one spot back of the No. 18 San Diego Chargers and two spots ahead of the No. 21 Kansas City Chiefs. The Broncos are climbing up in what is a weak division this year.

Even with the Broncos climbing in the rankings and the standings, the blurb takes a shot at how the team is accomplishing its success:

We have to credit the Broncos for finding a way to win with Tim Tebow, even if it sets back the modern game.

Well, maybe it would be setting back the modern game if more teams start to look at an option offense, and that doesn't appear to be happening any time soon. And even if teams did start to look more at read-option that would just bring a new iteration to the modern game. So, yeah, modern game whatever.

The Denver Broncos could continue to climb if they beat the New York Jets on Thursday.

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