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NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: Denver Broncos At No. 21 In Fox Sports' Rankings

Quick, name a 3-6 team that should rank higher than the 4-5 Denver Broncos in the Week 11 NFL power rankings. If one answered with the Philadelphia Eagles, one might just be Fox Sports' Brian Billick. The Eagles come in at No. 20 this week while the Broncos are the No. 21 team. The Eagles dropped three spots to slot ahead of the Broncos, who didn't move at all this week. It's stretching the bounds of credulity to believe that the Eagles should be ahead of the Broncos, but it's nothing to get indignant over at the moment. At least the Broncos can still win the AFC West, unlike the Eagles in the NFC East.

However, Billick doesn't like Tebow and the Broncos' chances against the New York Jets on Thursday:

Tebow has faced one good team during his tenure as starter, and that ended as a 35-point loss to the Lions. This week against the Jets will be similar.

Maybe Billick will be eating crow late Thursday night--because he's surely had enough raven in his day (I'll show myself out, everyone).

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