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Week 11 NFL Power Rankings: Tim Tebow Keeps Denver Broncos Rising

The Denver Broncos improved to 4-5 on Sunday by defeating the Kansas City Chargers. They should move up once again in the NFL power rankings.

The Denver Broncos should continue to rise when the Week 11 NFL power rankings come out now that the team is 3-1 since Tim Tebow became the starting quarterback. The Broncos went from being at the bottom of the heap to moving close to the middle third of the league last week. With a 17-10 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, it is entirely possible that the Broncos could move to No. 20 or higher.

If we think about the power rankings realistically, only the Oakland Raiders should rank above the Broncos among the teams of the AFC West. The Raiders delivered the San Diego Chargers their fourth straight loss and took control of the division. The Chargers, the Chiefs and the Broncos are now all tied for second place in the division at 4-5. The Chiefs will surely drop below the Broncos, especially with the potential loss of Matt Cassel for the remainder of the season. The Chargers, on the other hand, might have support to be ranked higher than the Broncos.

As has been mentioned in previous weeks, the Philadelphia Eagles continually rank higher in the power rankings than they actually should. They are now 3-6 with two straight losses, the latest happening against the lowly Arizona Cardinals. John Skelton wound up beating the Eagles since Kevin Kolb was unable to go.

But, in the end, if the Eagles are still higher than the Broncos this week, it's good for a laugh. NFL power rankings are generally unimportant and meant to draw complaints like the above.

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