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Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos Prove 'Dogmas Of The Quiet Past, Are Inadequate To The Stormy Present'

On 102.3 The Ticket, John Elway discussed Sunday's victory over the Kansas City Chiefs and according to the Denver Post, he said:

"We’ve proved that you can win a football game by running it 55 times and throwing eight times."

Maybe that's because Elway, John Fox and the Broncos took a page out of Abraham Lincoln's words of advice:

The dogmas of the quiet past, are inadequate to the stormy present.

The read-option offense so far is 2-0 and there's certainly reason to be hopeful that this success can continue. It goes against everything the NFL is right now: a pass-first league. It's doubtful the Broncos could run the tables using the offense, but it is certainly a turn to something new that could guide a franchise that has been in the dumpster for a few seasons.

Elway went on to say that Tebow would throw more as the season continues, but he doesn't see Tebow turning into a pocket passer. Doing so would certainly ruin what the team is building right now.