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Broncos Vs. Chiefs Score Update: Broncos Lead 10-7 After Three Quarters

The Denver Broncos are still leading after three quarters in Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs, but their lead has been trimmed to just 10-7. I suppose there's some celebrating to be done given that Tim Tebow finally completed a pass, but he couldn't lead the offense to a score during the third quarter.

The Broncos weren't as efficient offensively in the third quarter, getting 39 yards on the ground compared to 169 in the first two quarters. Tebow did manage to complete a 13-yard pass to Matt Willis, though, which bumps him up to 1-for-7 passing on the day. Here's video of that pass:

Kansas City made some adjustments both offensively and defensively after halftime, and it's helped them to get back into the game. They've began to limit Denver's running game, and the Chiefs offense finally showed some signs of life. They looked pretty darn good during a 8-play, 65-yard drive that concluded with a one-yard touchdown pass from Matt Cassel.

Denver still holds a 10-7 lead early in the fourth quarter at this point, but the Broncos are going to need to keep wasting the clock. We're not that far from a situation where the Broncos have won three times in four games.

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