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Watch Out, Tim Tebow! John Elway Is Scouting Arizona's Nick Foles

During the early part of the 2011 NFL offseason, John Elway joined the Denver Broncos and started showing interest in several of the quarterbacks eligible to be drafted in April. Were the Broncos going to pull the plug on Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow? Well, no, it turned out. As Elway himself said, he was just doing his due diligence, just as any other executive should be doing.

So it should obviously be no surprise that Elway is going around to game where there might be a future signal caller for the Denver Broncos. Case in point, Elway is at Saturday's Colorado Buffaloes game to see Arizona Wildcats quarterback Nick Foles, reports the Associated Press's Arnie Stapleton.

Foles isn't on the level of Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley or Landry Jones, but it wouldn't be surprising (at least at this time) if someone drafted him in the first round. It just wouldn't happen until later--where the Broncos likely won't be slotted.