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Broncos Vs. Chiefs: Jerheme Urban Mimics Tim Tebow During Kansas City Practice

The Kansas City Chiefs are preparing for Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos by having wide receiver Jerheme Urban practice as a Tebow-like player this week, reports the Kansas City Star. As Urban said recently:

"My role right now on this team is getting our defense ready," Urban said. "I’m just going to attack that every single day and do the best I can. Coach always talks about knowing your role on the team. That’s my role right now."

Urban is unlikely to see the field this week, just as he hasn't been on it since Sept. 18, the second week of the season. But as Urban is quoted in the article, he played quarterback as a kid and also was a sprinter in college.

Urban does has the height (6-foot-3) to be Tebow, but he is 29 pounds less than Tebow's 236 pounds. Urban likely can't bulldoze some of his defenders as Tebow is likely to do when he takes off and runs in the new read-option offense.

Still, there's nothing quite like facing the real thing.

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