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Broncos Vs. Chiefs: Denver Sticks With Read-Option Offense

Against the Raiders last Sunday, the Broncos offense introduced some of the spread-option concepts that made quarterback Tim Tebow a huge success at the University of Florida. Denver racked up 412 total yards--over 90 yards more than their season average--in a 38-24 win over Oakland.

Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy said the team would continue to run the spread-option as long as it results in more wins. Tebow addressed concerns about taking hits by saying he felt he was more susceptible to big hits while dropping back in the pocket. McCoy agreed in part:

"When he's in the open field, he has a good feel for where guys are coming from," McCoy said. "But hey, when you play that style of football, you're going to take some shots. It's part of the game. He's going to learn, and he's learned already from last year, that there is going to be an opportune time for him to take a hit, and times for him to slide, get down or run out of bounds."

The added abuse is an ongoing concern, but it appears the Broncos are going to roll the dice as long as it works.

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