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2011 NFL Power Rankings: ESPN Moves Denver Broncos Down A Notch To No. 28

If the Denver Broncos didn't have Tim Tebow even on the roster, would anyone care about the team? That's what ESPN's Week 9 NFL power rankings makes us think about this week after dropping the team one spot to No. 28:

Without all the Tim Tebow talk, there would be zero buzz about this team.

The media storm, whether it has been pro- or anti-Tebow, wouldn't be on this team; it would just be another hapless franchise looking to right the ship. As The Simpsons informed us all those years ago, "You don't win friends with salad." Kyle Orton is the salad at the party while Tim Tebow is the meat cooking in the grill that everyone wants. Whether the meat is any good, one must wait to find that out once it comes off the grill.

Right now, we're finding out that the meat isn't very good and we want the grill master to either fix his mistake or find out why he isn't really a good griller.

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