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NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: Brian Billick Drops Denver Broncos Just One Spot To No. 26

The Denver Broncos' loss to the Detroit Lions didn't cause a precipitous drop down in Brian Billick's NFL power rankings for Fox Sports. He moved them down just one spot to No. 26, citing concern with the offense:

The offense looked very much like the offense that played in Miami for the first 55 minutes in Week 8, and to me, there isn't much evidence for it to get any better. But it wasn't QB Tim Tebow that gave up 45 points on defense.

At least Billick mentions that the defense is just awful as well. However, having the defense on the field so much is also a product of that poor offense. Really, the Broncos are just completing a cycle each week. It was masked a bit against the Miami Dolphins since that team has a decrepit offense, but a team like the Detroit Lions with Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson will able to take advantage of both poor situations the Broncos find themselves in.

But, more to the point, even the bad offense can't be totally rested on Tebow's shoulder. The offensive line hasn't been all that great and Kyle Orton wouldn't have been able to do much better given his performance earlier in the year.

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