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Chargers Vs. Broncos Final Score: Tim Tebow Displaces Kyle Orton In 2nd Half, But Denver Falls, 29-24

The Denver Broncos are now 1-4 on the season with a 29-24 loss to the San Diego Chargers. The big news from this game was that Kyle Orton was benched as the team's starting quarterback in second half and replaced by Tim Tebow. It almost worked, as Tebow hit Knowshon Moreno on a short pass that turned into a 28-yard touchdown run. It brought the game to 26-24. Unfortunately for the Broncos, Brandon Lloyd failed to come up with a Tebow pass, leaving it a two-point game.

Tebow later had one final chance with 24 seconds left on the clock. He hit Brandon Lloyd for a 20-yard gain, but needed a review to overturn the call. Tebow followed that up with a 31-yard pass to Daniel Fells before the ball was spiked. Tebow attempted a Hail Mary pass on the final play, but he wound up running all around on the play before he had an incompletion to end the game.

As we've known all along, this team is a bad one all around and Tim Tebow is not going to be an immediate (or even long-term) panacea. He did look much more energetic out there, but he finished just 4-of-10 for 79 yards. His first reception was a zero-yard gain by Eric Decker. Kyle Orton, by contrast, was 6-of-13 for 34 yards. Tebow had 38 yards rushing.

The offense was awful for most of entire game. After a first down early in the second quarter, the Broncos didn't have another one until Willis McGahee had a 12-yard run in the fourth quarter. McGahee was one of the lone bright spots on the offense, picking up 125 yards on 16 carries.

The Broncos, 1-4, have a bye next week before they face the Miami Dolphins on Oct. 23.

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