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Chargers Vs. Broncos Score Update: Philip Rivers Rushing TD Puts San Diego In 13-10 Lead

The Denver Broncos saw their 10-6 lead evaporate when San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers ran two yards for a touchdown and the 13-10 lead. That drive, though, broke down into a mess and almost resulted in a huge brawl.

The drive ignited when Philip Rivers hit Kory Sperry for a 32-yard gain, burning rookie Von Miller on the play. The Chargers received an extra 15 yards after that because Robert Ayers was flagged for roughing the passer. With the ball at the Broncos' 27-yard line, Jacob Hester had two rushes to bring the ball to the 16-yard line. But after the second play, a big brouhaha broke out and flags started flying. Elvis Dumervil and Marcus McNeill each received an unnecessary roughness penalty. They offset each other and there were no ejections.

Rivers punched the ball in on 3rd-and-2 for the Chargers 13-10 lead.

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