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Tim Tebow Runs For Two-Yard Gain At Start Of 2nd Quarter; Matt Prater Kicks FG For 10-6 Broncos Lead

The San Diego Chargers offense continues to run all over the Denver Broncos, but all they have to show for it are two field goals. The Broncos hold a 10-6 lead in the second quarter. Ryan Mathews has seven carries for 60 yards and Mike Tolbert picked up 24 yards on four carries.

The Broncos started the next drive with less than a minute left in the game. After a couple of plays ended the quarter, head coach John Fox sent out Tim Tebow to open the second quarter. This time around, Tebow picked up two yards on the running play from the shotgun formation.

In better news, Willis McGahee has 71 rushing yards on eight carries. However, the Broncos weren't able to punch the ball into the end zone on that drive and settled for a Matt Prater 35-yard field goal.

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