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Chargers Vs. Broncos Score: Cassius Vaughn Pick-Sixes Philip Rivers For 7-3 Lead

Denver Broncos cornerback Cassius Vaughn came up with Philip Rivers' seventh interception of the season midway through the first quarter and returned it for a 55-yard touhdown, putting the Broncos in the lead, 7-3. This came just a couple of plays after Kyle Orton had thrown an interception on a play when he was going to be tackled and was looking to force something.

The San Diego Chargers scored first in their game with the Denver Broncos, but they had to settle for a Nick Novak 24-yard field goal. Running back Ryan Mathews had four carries for 22 yards, but was unable to break the goal line when the ball was within the 10-yard line. Quarterback Philip Rivers had a key pass to Mike Tolbert for a 17-yard gain, but starting on their own 48-yard line helped the Chargers with the score.

Willis McGahee had a 25-yard run before Orton's interception.

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