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Week 5 NFL Picks: Will The Detroit Lions Remain Undefeated?

The NFL has two undefeated teams left this season, the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. Both NFC North teams don't play each other for the first time this season until the end of November; it might be a stretch to imagine both teams having a showdown of the undefeateds later in the season. But for this week, the Lions will have the Monday Night Football stage against the Chicago Bears to show the nation how good they are.

How will that game and the rest of the action shake out this Sunday? Here are my predictions:

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Buffalo Bills (+2) - Both of these teams are in opposite positions in the standings compared to preseason expectations. The 3-1 Bills are underdog at home, but look for them to keep the Eagles plunging to the ground. BILLS

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Indianapolis Colts (-1) -Matt Cassel isn't the greatest quarterback, but at least the Chiefs aren't starting Curtis Painter. But the Colts are! CHIEFS

Arizona Cardinals v. Minnesota Vikings (-2.5) - Kevin Kolb vs. Donovan McNabb - Battle of former Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks. The Vikings are 0-4 after losing to the Chiefs and it may not be any better after Sunday. CARDINALS

Seattle Seahawks vs. New York Giants (-9.5) - The Seahawks have looked better the last two weeks, though they did lose to the Falcons on Sunday, 30-28. That's quite a line for the Giants to win by. SEAHAWKS

Tennessee Titans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (-3) - The Steelers will have Ben Roethlisberger for this game despite a foot injury, but the Titans have been a surprise. They could take advantage of a Steelers team that has looked average this season. TITANS

New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers (+6.5) - This one could turn into a shootout between Drew Brees and Cam Newton. SAINTS

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (-1.5) - Cincinnati can use last week's victory over the Bills as a springboard for a better season. BENGALS

Oakland Raiders vs. Houston Texans (-6) - The Texans will be without Andre Johnson, forcing other receivers to fill in. The Texans should win this game, but they might not cover the spread. RAIDERS

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. San Francisco 49ers (-2.5) - The Niners pulled off a 21-point comeback against the Eagles last week. Will the good times still role for Jim Harbaugh. 49ers

San Diego Chargers vs. Denver Broncos (+4) - BRONCOS. Because.

New York Jets vs. New England Patriots (-9.5) - The Jets have dropped their last two games and now face their main rival in the AFC East. Nine-and-one-half points is a large margin, but the Patriots can pull it off. PATRIOTS

Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons (+5.5) - This one's a rematch of last season's divisional matchup. The Falcons were able to hold off the Seahawks last week while the Packers destroyed the lowly Broncos. PACKERS

Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions (-5.5) -The Lions battled their way back to defeat the Cowboys. Or did the Cowboys defeat themselves? The Lions have the victory and that train will keep rolling for another week. LIONS