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Week 5 NFL Picks: Chargers Vs. Broncos: Prognosticators Leaning Toward San Diego

The San Diego Chargers are likely to be the pick by many experts to win this game against the Denver Broncos.

The Denver Broncos are 1-3 through the first quarter of the season and in need of a victory to quiet the fans for at least one week. They'll have that chance with a return home to Mile High and a game against the San Diego Chargers. However, this will be a tough matchup for the Broncos. How are the prognosticators viewing this game?

Over at, Peter Prisco and three of his fellow experts chose the San Diego Chargers to win this game. The only one not to take the Broncos, however, was Clark Judge. He has the best overall record at 45-19, which might make his choice one to pay attention to this week. However, if playing the spread, the Chargers are favored by 4.5 points and are only chosen by two CBS experts.

Over at Fox Sports, Peter Schrager predicts a cakewalk for the Chargers:

They’re [Denver] 1-3 and not exactly showing signs of improvement. San Diego will win this one easy, cruising into their bye week with a rare 4-1 start to the year.

He predicts a final score of 31-17.

Over at SB Nation Chicago, Tim Sieck sees a "free fall" happening in Denver and the Chargers winning by 10 points, 27-17.

Right now, not many people see the Denver Broncos winning this one, but there's some thought that the Chargers won't be able to cover. This seems to be a realistic assessment of what the Broncos could do.

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