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Tim Tebow Discusses Hard Work, Talent On The Biggest Loser

For anyone one who watched The Biggest Loser on Tuesday night, they saw Tim Tebow as one of the NFL starts to make a guest appearance on the show. Watching Tim Tebow on anything other than the football field isn't for me, but Tebow did offer a sound bite during it with the following:

"Hard work beats talent when talent does not work as hard."

Digging around a bit, I found that Tebow's legions of followers have likely already heard or read it from him before.


That comes from Tebow's Facebook page the morning after the Broncos lost their season opening game to the Oakland Raiders.

I guess the question remaining is: will Tebow ever have a chance to prove that with the Denver Broncos? The clock keeps ticking on that, but for how much longer?