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NFL Power Rankings, Week 5: Aggregate Power Rankings Put Denver Broncos At No. 26

Ever wanted to put together all of the various NFL power rankings, average each team's position and come up with a master list? Well, there's no need to spend your precious time doing that since Real Clear Sports does it for us. In their Week 5 aggregate power rankings, we learned what we already knew: the Denver Broncos aren't a very good team.

Collecting seven different rankings, RCS averaged those numbers together and found that the Broncos are the No. 26 team in the NFL right now. The outlier in the group that gives the Broncos their 26.14 average is Jeff Sagarin's ranking of the team at No. 22. He uses a couple of formulas and such to come up with his rankings. If the Broncos were put in the 26-28 area by that ranking the Broncos would have tied with the Seahawks for 26th or taken 27th place by themselves.

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