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John Elway Speaks On Tim Tebow After Week 8 Loss: "Obviously, It Hasn't Worked Yet"

Tim Tebow has been a lightning rod for opinion long before Sunday’s debacle against the Lions, but Tebow’s woeful second start has perhaps incited more criticism than the Florida product has ever faced before. The man who will ultimately decided Tebow’s future in Denver is John Elway. Elway appeared on 102.3 The Ticket to talk about the Broncos loss to Detroit and Tebow’s struggles.

If he thinks the Broncos coaching staff is struggling to adjust to Tebow’s game as much as he’s struggling to adjust to playing QB in the NFL:

"I think that there’s adjustments on both sides. Obviously when you have a quarterback of Tim’s skill set and age and youth, so I think they’re doing everything they can to put Tim in the best situation to be successful, as well as this offense. Obviously it hasn’t worked yet; we’ve struggled on offense the past two weeks. So we’ll continue to work at it and see what we can get done."

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