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Tim Tebow To Start, Says Denver Broncos Coach John Fox

Denver Broncos head coach John Fox announced in a press conference today that the team will start Tim Tebow for at least one more game. The Denver Broncos (2-5) will travel to Oakland on Sunday to play against the Raiders, but earlier today, reports began to surface suggesting the Broncos might turn to former Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn if Tebow's performance doesn't improve dramatically.

Later, it began to appear likely the Broncos would give Tim Tebow at least one more game to fend off the former first round draft pick Quinn. Fox confirmed the reports at today's meeting with the press. Among his comments concerning the Tim Tebow, Fox said Tebow was "getting to understand the offense better with each [play]" and that Tebow "has had two starts this season and he's 1-1 ... there's no style points, bonus points or extra credit."

Tebow has only five career starts at this point in his career, compared to Quinn's 12, so it seems likely the Broncos want to see more of him before making a final decision. In his two starts this year, Tebow has averaged around 60 yards rushing, but less than 130 yards passing.

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