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Brady Quinn Next In Line To Start For Denver Broncos, According To Report

Should John Fox decide to switch directions and bench Tim Tebow as quarterback, the Denver Broncos would likely turn to their third quarterback for the season instead of a return to Kyle Orton. According to a report by Yahoo! Sports' Michael Silver, there is a belief that the Broncos will give Tebow a couple of more starts to turn things around before handing the reins to Brady Quinn, who was acquired from the Cleveland Browns in 2010.

Quinn has never been given his fair share while in Denver, not playing in a single game since he was acquired and most recently being deactivated for the last two games. But at this point, there would be nothing to lose by turning to Brady Quinn for the rest of the season, the Broncos appear to be thinking. Kyle Orton couldn't win and Tim Tebow couldn't win.

Obviously there's no guarantee that Quinn would be able to win with this team, but returning to Orton would be a regression. No matter who winds up as quarterback, the Broncos would then look to the draft for the future signal caller of the team.

Until John Fox announces his starting quarterback, this speculation could run rampant.

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