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Tim Tebow Might Be On Shorter Leash Than Assumed

With John Fox declining to comment on whether Tim Tebow is going to be the Denver Broncos starting quarterback for Week 9's game against the Oakland Raiders, there is a legitimate question to be asked: did Tebow ever really have an 11-game trial period as the starter?

The Denver Post's Mark Kiszla speculates that Tebow might be halfway through his possible tenure as the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. According to Pro Football Talk's Evan Silva, Kiszla believer Tebow has just four or five games to prove himself before another change at quarterback is made. And the reason for that would be a result of Elway not being the one who drafted him. Tebow was and will always be the embodiment of the Josh McDaniels era.

But this idea that neither Elway nor Fox are beholden to Tebow as the starter is not new. And we already know that Elway wants a pocket passer, since that is his No. 1 key to building a winning team. Tebow is not a pocket passer and likely never will be. Might as well give Brady Quinn a shot at being the starting quarterback.

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