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Broncos Head Coach John Fox Won't Name Tim Tebow Starter for Week 9

Despite playing a mediocre game overall, once Tim Tebow led the Denver Broncos to a thrilling comeback victory over the Miami Dolphins in Week 7, it was all but set in stone that he would start for the Broncos in Week 8 vs. the Detroit Lions. But after a 45-10 loss to the Lions on Sunday, which included a disastrous game from Tebow, Broncos head coach John Fox, in a comment to CBS Denver, declined to commit to a starting quarterback for Denver's Week 9 tilt vs. the Oakland Raiders.

It has been rumored that neither Fox nor de facto general manager John Elway believe that Tebow is a viable starting quarterback in the NFL, but after Kyle Orton started off this season playing like, well, Kyle Orton, Denver's brass had no choice but to turn to Tebow. But with Tebow completing well under 50% of his passes, and the Broncos offense floundering, it appears as if Fox and Elway already believe that they've done their due diligence. If the Broncos do in fact return to Orton in Week 9, it will be reasonable to start questioning if the Tim Tebow era in Denver is already finished.